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10 Jan 2013 - 00:3095740
Ayacon 2013 - Final Fantasy Round-Up
Hey folks!

Rounding up Final Fantasy cosplayers for the Meet During Ayacon 2013. Myself, NakedSalad and Sasashie will be running this show, and we're gonna keep it light, just gather in the main complex take some photos and then the two groups we've organized will peel off and do their own shoots.

Then Lunch and then head straight into the main hall for the Masquerade ^_^

So far we have IX and X (X-2 tagging along) organized for the Saturday. However some of the other cosplayers will be doing other characters as well.

We'd like to complete the groups though, but their both big in their casts. I think NakedSalad just wants the core team players, whereas I want all the summoners from X with at least 1 Gaurdian ^_^

Here's the list so far

Zidane Tribal - Louis Takahashi
Princess Garnet Til Alexandros - Chelinka
Vivi Ornitier - Angel_of_Algebra
Adelbert Steiner - Snowmankline
Freya Crescent - QueenYam
Queen Brahne - Charlotte Davison
General Beatrix - NakedSalad
Kuja - Jay Forrest
Trance Kuja - Ruxtano

Yuna - Sasashie
Lulu - Acoustica
Rikku - Goldie Neko
Isaaru - JakeX
Maroda - Manticore
Donna - SilveraDestinova
Rikku (X-2) - Atheris
**Braska -
**Seymour Guado -
**Belgemine -
Shiva - AQuietRiot
Yojimbo - whose8472

Just post here if you wanna join up with us ^_^

Also looking for Photographers *coughEmzoneCough* ^_^

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