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18 Jan 2009 - 12:399856
Wig colour codes
So I bought a wig from Cosworx with the colour code of 24B (Sepia brand), which is a kind of warm yellowy blonde. I need to buy some extensions so I can do some styling on it but it's a fairly unusual shade - too yellow to be natural but not yellow enough to be a "party" colour, if that makes sense.

I've heard that colour codes are universal from one brand to another, so a Sepia 24B should be the same as a 24B from anywhere else. Does anyone know if that's true? And are there any UK-based suppliers with a good selection of extensions?

ETA: Photo of the wig in question is here.

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19 Jan 2009 - 11:389878
It’s true the numbers generally match up, but not always. There’s often slight colour discrepancies. Also, Sepia has some more unusual colours, and since it’s 24B that might make it a bit too obscure to find. Take a good look at colour charts before you order, but it’s always a bit of a gamble.
If possible, don’t bother with extensions at all. Get a wig longer than you need and use the hair you cut off as extensions, or buy two wigs if its affordable.

It depends how important an exact match is to you. If the way you’re styling it, you’ll be able to blend the extensions into the existing wig hair a bit, then a little colour variety won’t matter. Alternatively, a little bit of streaking with a pen to even out colours, or even buying some yellow extensions to mix in might work.

There are a few UK suppliers, but none seem to have even the colour 24.
Closest I can find is http://www.ragdolly.net/ which ships to the UK (slowly) and has 24 in stock
Also, try going along to Sally Hair and Beauty - they have a range of extensions, and you can see the colours in person that way! Other local shops/hairdressers usually have extensions too, so might be able to order in what you need.

19 Jan 2009 - 14:559884
Cheers, Angelphie - turns out there's a Sally's in Bath and it's really close to my flat so I'll be making a trip down there at some point this week!

I had actually hoped that I could either cut a bit off the wig or style the fringe (the wig I've bought is the Wisp), but it's neither as long nor as full as it looked on Cosworx so there's nothing I can cut off. Extensions are my only hope!

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