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06 Jan 2013 - 22:4195593
[For Sale] FFX-2 Paine's Sword
Paine's Warrior Sword from FFX-2 - £20

I'm finally trying to rid myself of my Paine Sword which has been left unused and unloved for a year or so now.

Please see below for photos with the costume.
Paine Costume

The blade is 45inches and the hilt is 11inches so it's pretty long. XD I've included a picture against me (I'm 5'5" It is also made out of wood so it wouldn't be useable for masquerades or anything unfortunately >__<

I would prefer to bring it to an expo for collection as P&P would be obscene for this, I'd imagine XD

Apologies for the terrible quality. There isn't a decent camera within 500 miles of here >__< If anyone needs better images, please feel free to message me and I'll try get better ones

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