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03 Jan 2013 - 10:1295475
Hi (not good with titles)
Hi. I've been here for awhile, but been too shy to introduce myself. But you all seem like lovely people, so I'm making this thread.

I'm Chelsea, and I'm sort of new with cosplay. I thought it would be nice to make friends on here since I don't have many cosplay friends, or even friends who are into the same interests as me. My first cosplay was bought, but I really want to make my own costumes and props (Iron Man is my dream costume).

I always go to Midlands MCM Expo, and sometimes make it to Manchester and Birmingham Expo. I hope to make it to London some day.

I like anime (not as much as I used to), movies, video games and comics. My main fandoms are Hetalia and Avengers.

I'm not too good with introductions so I may have missed a few things.

Ok, so... bye

03 Jan 2013 - 12:3595476
I'll introduce myself back I like the way you set your post out
Hi there I'm Saz/Sarah (whichever people prefer usually)
I guess I haven't been cosplaying long either
I have bought and made costumes (hoping to improve on that)

I have been to Midlands once (last year), not really been to a huge amount of expos/cons. MCM London, Cardiff, Midlands and Amecon that's it and I'll be going to Birmingham this year as I've moved a lot closer woop!! Will you be there?

I like reading quite a bit so I guess that's a huge hobby of mine, I also like films. I wouldn't say that I'm 'into' anime, manga, comics and cartoons because I only like certain ones but I'll give most stuff a try.

My main 'fandoms' are probably Studio Ghibli... and well... G.I.T.S, DBZ (for nostalgia), Sailor Moon (again nostalgia), WoW and Super Mario. I also like to table top rpg and would love to make costumes one day for my own characters!!
I can't say I'm into Hetalia but I like Avengers (I'm not really a huge fanatic though ) do you like the comics? And what did you think of the film?

03 Jan 2013 - 14:0495478
hey, welcome aboard



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