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01 Jan 2013 - 14:2695448
5 wigs for sale , £6 each +shipping
i have 6 wigs for sale , all in great condition / never been worn

shipping from the uk! i will ship to the usa but please keep in mind its not cheap to ship to the USA from the UK


unless you ask for signed/tracked shipping it will be sent the cheapest way!

if you can not pay straight away do not ask ,

if you want me to hold a item i will now be asking for a deposit 10% of the wig,

if you do not pay on the day arranged the deposit will be lost and you will not get that back, if you re arrange for the wig again another deposit will be required unless you can pay straight away for the full price

( the previous deposit will not count towards the total price)

if the package gets lost, damaged it is not my responsibility, i always keep my receipts as proof of postage

please read each wig discription before asking questions

NO TIME WASTERS, dont ask if you are not going to reply or pay


High school of the dead Rei wig


this wig was going to be used for Rei from high schoool of the dead , i have desdided to sell the wig as i have changed the character i want to do

it will need styling

it is soft and it said it was heat resistant

there is a problem with the cap

how the cap looks when u move the hair around, it is possible to style it so it is not noticable as the other images show

Red long wig


if i can renember it is heat resistant

the top of the wig looks thin to me but you can not notice it

how the cap looks

golden brown wig


fringe has been cut

i can not renember if it is heat resistant

Dark Brown Wig


fringe has been cut

i can not renember if it is heat resistant

Brown wig

Has been cut for a character but its no longer needed

£8+ shipping


more images of all the wigs : -

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04 Jan 2013 - 17:4895505
Added brown wig

08 Jan 2013 - 16:3495688
sold 2 wigs

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