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04 Oct 2007 - 22:22495
Plastic Armour Plating Repairs
I have some platemail for a costume, but a couple of pieces have started to crack.

If I wanted to repair, or simply reinforce it, what would be the best way to do that?

It is made out of a molded plastic, and is about a third of a centimetre thin.

If I were to reinforce it, what would be best to put on the back of it, and how would I afix it?

I can, in theory, re-purchase the plates, but I would prefer not to, obviously.

Example image of plates:

05 Oct 2007 - 04:56496
Expertise on subject: 0% but best guess from me would be epoxy resin or similar.. I've used Araldite Precision to hold plastic tubing at a right angle with no other support and the stuff turned out tougher than the plastic was.

You can probably fill cracks, or strengthen the back with it reasonably easily. It's the sort of stuff that takes 16 hours to set fully though

09 Oct 2007 - 16:21498
Hey Oz

When i last looked at your suit it looks like its made out of fiber glass so you could re enforce the peices with thicker fiberglass cloth on the inside.

On the outside use car body filler to fill the crack/gap and paint over it.

How many peices are damaged? i dont mind doing the repairs if you want? im not too confidnet with my painting skills so youll have to get that done lol

I can do the foam padding at the same time if you want?

*[EDIT]* just read what you said and its made out of molded plastic there i dont know if the resin would attack the plastic? or if the heated reaction could burn it :S? normally when i mix fibreglass resin i use a cut down plastic milk carton and it doesnt warp or burn but different plastics may react in different ways.. i could do a tester if you want?


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09 Oct 2007 - 22:47499
Aye, as MangaChild pointed out, the plastic might react with anything that uses a chemical reaction to bond. (Be careful with epoxy glue and such as well) So unless you have spare pieces of the armour, or bits that can be easily hidden, be really cautious!

As un-glamourous as it sounds, heavy duty duct-tape on the inside would re-enforce the plastic fairly well, although obviously not as strong as any type of plastic. Its a cheap, easy and very-hard-to-bugger-up method though, until you find something to replace it

Sorry I cant be helpful at all, repairing armour isn't something I do, mine always goes in the bin!

18 Oct 2007 - 16:58537
Thanks Delusional, duct tape.

I put some parcel tape on it, but it's not very strong. And thinking about it, Duct tape would probably help with a couple of other bits too. You're a star.

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