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28 Dec 2012 - 13:2295391
MASSIVE CLEAROUT: Wigs, Manga, etc (Warning: HUGE pictures)
I will consider all offers so feel free to make one!
P&P is not included in the listed price.
I can meet up with you in Central London for bigger items (you will have to pay me £1.50 for travel) or if you live within Morden/Sutton/Croydon/Wimbledon area then I can meet up with you for free.
I will do discounts for multiple purchases.
All items are from a smoke-free, pet-free home.


I use silicone spray on my wigs as a detangler. You can still smell it but it's not harmful whatsoever. It can be washed out but I don't want to risk doing it myself. (more on this: http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=185958)

- It's most likely that these are not heatproof.

Long blue wig - £18.00 + P&P

- Around 100cm

- It's been worn to 2 conventions for a day each.

More pictures: X || X

Long red wig - £16.00 + P&P

- Around 70cm

- Worn for a day at MCM Expo in London.

More pictures: X (shows the colour more accurately) || X


Shana summer uniform (UK 6-8) - £27.00 for the set/£18.00 for top and ribbon
- Feel free to make an offer, I just want this gone.
- The skirt is not elasticated.
- From the seller... Height : 160cm; Length: 50cm; Chest: 88cm; Shoulder Width: 36cm; Skirt Length: 40cm; Waist: 68cm
- One gold button from the skirt and another from the blouse fell off.
- Worn once.

OHSHC patches - £3.50 each/£6.00 both + P&P ONO
- Never used. [X]


Fruits Basket Vol 2-10 - £5.00 each/£42 set + P&P
- Very reluctant sale so I don't want to go lower that listed price, but still feel free to offer!
- Near mint condition, kept away from sunlight. [X]

Death Note Vol 2 - £2.80 +P&P
- Has tiny rips on first 2 pages. [X] [X]

Rozen Maiden Vol 5 - £4.50 +P&P
- Near mint condition, kept away from sunlight. [X]

Missile Happy! Vol 1 - £2 + P&P
- Creased cover. Insides are perfectly fine. [X]


Ouran High School Host Club wallscroll - £13.00 + P&P
- Stain on the corner. [X] [X]

Death Note Ryuk keychain - £3.50 + P&P
- Around 3 inches. Never opened. [X]

Necklace - £3.00 each + P&P
- Never opened. [X]

Will be adding more once I get some photos.
More pictures can be taken on request~ ^^
[I only accept Paypal.]

You can contact me here or:

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/kishichu

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29 Dec 2012 - 19:4495409
Added loads more stuff. Feel free to make an offer! Need the wigs gone soon.

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/kishichu
02 Jan 2013 - 22:4495470
Hello the photo link to the Fruits Basket manga is not working, keep getting "file not found" message.

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