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27 Dec 2012 - 12:1195375
Zaggora weight loss
I was wondering if anyone on here uses their products, I've been looking at them and they look very promising but I wanted to see if anyone on here has had them and can give me an honest opinion as they are pricey.


27 Dec 2012 - 12:4895376
If you're talking about the Zaggora pants, I haven't used them myself but did a lot of reading up on them as they're expensive. From what I saw, their actual website is full of amazing reviews, but that's down to the fact that they've filtered out all the bad ones and don't display them. If you look at reviews on any other site, the majority of them say that they're a waste of money and I even came across a few that said they got a yeast infection down below!

From what I found, it's a con. There's no magical way to lose weight any faster and it's just down to the pure hard work you put in yourself. If you think about it, if their products were so magical and amazing, every single person in the world who wanted to lose weight would promote them at any given opportunity. How many people have you personally seen talk about them (and positively, for that matter!)? I skipped out on them because the research I ended up with was 99% negative.

27 Dec 2012 - 13:0395377
Thank you, yeah, I when I was looking at the site and their facebook, it seemed like it was just TOO good which is why I thought I'd ask on here to see if I could find a truthful opinion.

I'm just gonna do it the hard old fashioned way, but I've decided to try and make a blog about it to motivate myself more as I lack will power.

Thank you very much for replying!

29 Dec 2012 - 18:2695403
Yep, unfortunately usually it's a scam, a quick scan suggests they generate "heat" which burns off weight.

This thread suggests that it's all a scam. It looks like they just make you sweat more which will mean you'll lose water which will make you weigh less but this will come back when you rehydrate.

Quote Hoshi Raito:
I'm just gonna do it the hard old fashioned way, but I've decided to try and make a blog about it to motivate myself more as I lack will power.

I'd be interested in following your blog if that'd be ok. As I plan to redo my consistent New Years resolution and try and lose some weight myself and it would be a good incentive. The website above MyFitnessPal is a good resource for calorie watching as it allows you to track calories (as you can search for specific foods and it tells you the calories and fat etc) and track cardio exercise on a per day basis as well.

06 Jan 2013 - 13:1195558
Yeah, it's totally not worth it, I want to lose fat, not water and it would just gain back anyway when you stop wearing them.

Yeah, it's a constant new years resolution for me too. I just set it up on tumblr, there are many on there and people are just going for the same goal: http://weightlossruby.tumblr.com/ this is my weight loss tumblr

And thank you for the myfitness website, that seems really promising, I've just signed up for it and I'm going to see if I can download it onto my phone

06 Jan 2013 - 15:4095567
I have just looked at them and it says its main fabric is Lycra, they seem like running shorts but a bit longer on the leg and higher on the waist. so I guess what it is doing is making you sweat more. It's like going getting a wrap from a beautician they make you sweat the excess water off your body, this lasts about 3 days then you put water back on. I assume the pants work in the same way. So it could work but only for a short time. Might as well make a pair then buy one at that price

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29 Jan 2013 - 10:5496611
Hello! I know nothing about the pants but was interested to read about what everyone had to say.

If you want to lose weight, the tumblr thing sounds like a good idea.

I've been doing slimming world for just over 18 months and i've loved it. lost over 4 stone so far

got another 3 to go!

i was a size 22 but i'm now a 12/14 top and 16 bottom

incidentally i've just had a nosey at your profile and i think you look lovely and your cosplay photos look great!

but if you are interested, i'd definately look into slimming world. such a great, healthy, simple diet that seems to work really well for so many people x

08 Feb 2013 - 11:3597072
Aaah~ I thought I'd add my two cents and just say that I'm following you now on Tumblr to keep up to date with your journey! :3 My tumblr started off as a weightloss blog but then I lost four stone and just turned it into a fandom blog. Good luck! Nothing beats losing weight the good old fashioned way! (8

(btw my tumblr user name is nanoklik, in case you were wondering~ if you ever need advice or anything drop me an ask - but I do agree with getting MyFitnessPal! That app is pretty damn handy to have!)

10 Feb 2013 - 17:0597147
Speaking of tumblr, I've got a fitness one too. Generally use it to keep the motivation flowing. It is 95% fitness stuff and 5% other things

Its http://lemaow.tumblr.com/ and I also post my fitocracy workouts into it as well.

Just started the CV and its very painful! I need to keep it up though.

10 Feb 2013 - 19:3097156
I actually DID buy a couple of Zaggorra products.
The only benefit I've had so far is really silky smooth skin, but not inches.
They are also incredibly restrictive, which makes it harder to work out when your movement is limited.

What I tried next that DID get fast results - Cassey Ho's Pop Pilate's on youtube.

I've done two of her videos every day for a week, and already my jeans are a looser, my arms are trimmer, and I've lost an inch off my bust. - ONE WEEK.

She will have you in agony, I'm not kidding. It's hard to follow her example and wondering why she's sitting smiling at you whilst your huffing and straining your core to hold these wacky positions.

But I promise, a healthy eating regime, two videos a night and 2 gym trips a week, and I've never had such fast results. I plan on keeping up with her.

Ther videos I use are:



one after the other. When These ones get easy, I'll move onto some her more advanced videos.

13 Feb 2013 - 17:0097278
Calorie counting is what I would recommend. These weight loss things are a joke, just drink green tea twice a day and that can really help as a natural weight loss aid.

Limit yourself to 1200-1500 calories a day and watch the pounds fall off. This is a healthy calorie amount to aid weight loss by the way.

People shrug off calorie counting like OHHH NO JUST EAT BETTER AND LESS OF IT, well even if you're eating better food, and less of it, it doesn't necessarily mean you're keeping to a low calorie diet.

Take it from me, when I have lost a stone and then some over Christmas/New Year, literally by calorie counting. I was almost 11st, and now I'm 9st 11 lbs. I still have a bit more to lose (and yeah, you'll say I'm a healthy weight, but I am small boned and I still look relatively lumpy and fat).

I notice you use MyFitnessPal, so just count everything you eat, and you'll know when to stop eating for the day.

Try not to eat after 6pm either if you sleep at a relatively normal time.

If you need motivation to exercise, download some music that's got a good fast walking rhythm to it, so you can take a brisk walk to the beat of the music, and take a camera with you, so you can either aim for a place you want to end up at and take pictures (the beach for example) or just take pictures out on your walk.

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