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24 Dec 2012 - 01:2795334
Looking for Devon cosplayers
Hi there! I am Naomi and I am 18 years old. I live down in lil' ol' Devon and well, I never get out of the house much!

So I was wondering if anyone was from Barnstaple here? I actualy live in East Buckland in a street with only 4 houses so it gets lonelly.

Anywhere around the area would be awesome, Barnstaple, Bideford... That sort of area? I cannot travel far but I really want to meet up with other cosplayers, make new friends and explore new interests and hobbies. If you like i dont mind improving my photography skills in some photoshoots of us~

I don't suppose you could take a little look at my cosplay page? >/////< https://www.facebook.com/naygoesmoocosplay

Thank you xx

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