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17 Dec 2012 - 17:2395143
Anyone interested in starring in a Documentary about a cosplayer?(LONDON ONLY)
Hi there my names Jed, I'm a member of Click-It Productions, a small production company with big aspirations. ( www.facebook.com/clickitproductions ) I'm also a 2nd year student at University for the Creative Arts studying a BA Hons in Film Production.

I'm really interested in creating a documentary/short portrait about a COSPLAYER. I'm not interested in making a documentary about 'cosplay' in general. I want to just focus on one cosplay fanatic and look at how it's an important part of their lives.

Obviously what the documentary is about will depend on the person and their personal situation; but I would like to make a documentary looking at how cosplay is an important part of their lives, how it affects their lives - People's perception of their hobby, are they ashamed of it?, have they been bullied because of it? How much money they spend on it, aspirations, negatives of it etc....

I want to find someone who is really crazy about cosplay and considers it a huge part of their lives, someone who is eccentric. The stranger the person the better(no offence ) Because I live in London and can't afford to travel anywhere else, the person needs to be based in London, or at least willing to come to London for filming(I CANNOT pay for your travel costs). I'm planning on filming it during the summer of 2013(July/August), which is a long time away, but I wanna find a person who is interested in the project now so I can have a lot of time to plan the documentary around them.

My plan is to send the documentary to film festivals and maybe down the line I will upload it to my Youtube page.

Here is a documentary that I've worked on in the past. I plan on making this one a lot more refined and it will all be filmed in high definition.

And here's a short film I made which did pretty decently on Youtube.

Anyway, if there's anyone interested please drop me an email at telling me why you'd be interested, some photos of your cosplay costumes would be great too if possible.

- Thanks!

Click-It Productions
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