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19 Jan 2009 - 23:279891
Man, I never thought about any of this before reading this thread, and then I thought 'crud, I was going to make MOMO's suit out of lycra, what if it looks awful?' I guess I'll just cross that bridge when I come to it - I'll take faith in what's been said here, in that anything looks good if it's well-made and fits right!

To be honest, if you've put all that effort into making your costume, and people are just making snide remarks, then bully for them because it's YOUR costume and you made it for you! It's easy to diss something when you can't do it yourself. And even if you do pick the wrong costume and wish you hadn't done it, it's all experience at the end of the day ^^

20 Jan 2009 - 02:289895
Quote diphenhydramine:
Quote Kaythenia:
I wanted to do her as one of my first costumes but ended up being put off by the flimsyness of her bra. ><

It cannot be stressed enough how important a good bra is whilst cosplaying! They can alter your figure in so many ways, and work wonders with a costume that you wouldn't have thought you could pull off!

I know what you mean! Even in just everyday, like with costumes, you can make yourself look so much better if you have a well fitting bra.
Annoyingly Yuna's bra is practically a bit of string at the back without even proper straps so I just decided against it straight off.

On the topic of bras I'm interested in how many people opt for corsets when cosplaying for help with shaping or just support?
I found it amazingly useful when doing costumes like Belldandy and Lulu because both are strapless and it just gives a more smooth shape.

20 Jan 2009 - 12:439909
I cheated a bit with Yuna's bra and used a black underwired bikini top to make sure I had the support I needed, her flimsy bra was no way going to make me feel secure!

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