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09 Dec 2012 - 11:5394870
Feeler: Erza Armadura Fairy Armour
I was wondering around how much would it cost if I asked someone to commission Erza's Armadura Fairy [The entire armor- Tiara, cape and all] including the swords. Also I was wondering around how much time that would take to do so? Also, I'd like to be light, not completely restricting in my movement[I like the use of all my limbs T-T] and somewhat durable?
Thanks all!~

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09 Dec 2012 - 14:2994876
You're gonna need to put in references, as when I googled the character it came up with loads of different people in different armour and capes ^^;

Also, guessing from how you spelt armour that you're US? Please note that most people on this site are UK, so shipping fees will be a lot.

Ayacon Plans
09 Dec 2012 - 14:4694879
I'm actually British T-T
Though my spelling is rather funky, I use both American and British English.

There's a picture for the armor annoyingly the boots have been cut off, looks like I have to print screen from the anime then - and here's yet another cut off picture of one of the swords [She has two of the same]

The boots are rather hard to get a photo off [The bottom half] this is one of the better but still now clear pictures I could find

Here's a bad quality print screened photo - you can sorta make out the back bit of the boots and the small heel

This is a random drawn picture I found while searching - that's pretty much what the full length sword looks like [By that I meant the length edges and shape. The handle is seen in the above pictures I stole from the wiki] - That enough info for now?

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