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05 Dec 2012 - 20:3094732
Alice's Dress Pattern?
I'm in a bit of trouble...
I'm planning Alice, From American McGee's Alice for Gemucon in April.
but I'm missing the biggest bit
her dress
I have most other parts of the costume, it's just her dress and Apron I'm lacking.
I have an idea on how to make her apron, so that's sorted
but my Auntie's said she'll help me make the dress ('cos I can't sew for toffee)

I'm having a hard time finding a pattern (for cheap, or free, preferably, what with not much money) that fits the dress.
it's proving hard, most of the ones I've found aren't right. most often, not having enough "Volume" to the skirt.

I have found one woman who made Disney's Alice dress, and it's perfect for what I want to make for my McGee's Alice Dress, but she hand drafted the pattern T^T

Here's American McGee's Alice

And here's an image of the Lady who drafted her own dress, just so you guys can see what's in my head

05 Dec 2012 - 20:4794733
If you find a bodice/ sleeves pattern you like, you can easily add a simple circle skirt to it. Circle skirts are really simple and will give a lot of the volume you're looking for. The petticoat Alice wears also adds volume.

05 Dec 2012 - 21:0494736
You just need a disney princess pattern piece, the same that I used for my wallmarket Cloud dress.



Don't buy from these two shops, they're overseas and it takes AGES to get anything from them - and simplicity gave no updates on it and wouldn't answer any of my emails. It's just to give you pattern numbers and an idea of what they look like - I find it's best to buy patterns in store, and most fabric shops do them :3

Or, you could try Fabricland.co.uk - they're very helpful

Ayacon Plans
06 Dec 2012 - 14:5494756
I would happily make this for you for £30, but I am closed for commissions until after Christmas. I can put you on the waiting list if you want though, it would be completed in time for your event. Just message me

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