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04 Dec 2012 - 20:2294698

I've done this once before for finding people for idolm@ster! And I'm doing it again! This time to say we’ve decided for it to become a proper group called Star Drops. So I’m advertising for more people to join us in it!

The group is to do dances, skits and general photographs in relation to idolm@ster. There would also be some pretty fun and relaxed events – like charity events or general fund raising!

There are two types of people I’m looking for; 1. Fixed members and 2. Fringe members.

Fixed members would stick to one or two characters and try to meet up as much as possible – this would a long term commitment, and could eat into your cosplay/convention plans (although we are pretty flexible with things). Bonus side is that any fund raising could be used to help you out in getting to a convention, and you also get first choice on if you wanted to go on stage and appear in videos or not.

Fringe members would not be expected to make any commitments (though, if you said you’re going to do something, it would be nice it keep to it). They would fill in characters that aren’t going to the convention, and could also perform on stage and stuff like that. This would be ideal for people who are wanting to just pop in and out. The only downside is that if a Fixed member of the same character was going to the same convention it would mean they could choose if they wanted to appear in a video/on stage/whatevs first – that’s not to say the Fringe Member will become totally ignored, we’re completely fine with doubles at conventions etc, just not on stage!

Costumes are done on “majority rules”, which means you may get one you don’t like very much but it’s the fairest way of sorting things out. You will get to do a costume you like too, at some point!

With doubles, regarding Fixed members, it works on first come first served. If you really want to perform on stage, or something, but someone of the same character is, try talking to them first. I’m sure a compromise can be made :3

We are looking for people to fill these specific characters; Makoto, Chihaya, Ritsuko and Iori - and here is how current members list is looking;

Ritsuko Akizuki

Haruka Amami
First: LemonPanda and Angel Tear
Third: ChihayaXyayoi and Kanriku

Ami Futami
First: SaiyanRose
Second: ChihayaXyayoi
Third: Kishi

Mami Futami
First: Catnip Dream
Second: ChihayaXyayoi and SaiyanRose
Third: Kishi

Hibiki Ganaha
First: Crystal_Rose
Second: Catnip Dream
Third: Crystal Neko and Kishi

Yukiho Hagiwara
First: Lakeland Magpie
Second: ChihayaXyayoi

Miki Hoshii
First: Crystal Neko
Second: Angel Tear (Awakened Version) and Crystal_Rose

Makoto Kikuchi
Second: Crystal Neko
Third: NixieThePixie

Chihaya Kisaragi
Second: Kanriku

Iori Minase
Second: Kishi
Third: LemonPanda, ChihayaXyayoi and Crystal_Rose

Azusa Miuru
First: Kanriku
Second: NixieThePixie
Third: LemonPanda and Crystal_Rose

Takane Shijou
First: NixieThePixie

Yayoi Takatsuki
First: ChihayaXyayoi and Kishi
Second: LemonPanda
Third: Angel Tear and Catnip Dream

Plans for the future are as follows;

Midlands MCM Expo
Angel Tear, Catnip_Dreams and myself as Ryuuguu Komachi (Iori, Ami and Azusa) doing Smoky Thrill
Insanity Fish as Touma (Jupiter)

Angel Tear, Crystal Rose and myself are doing the Polka Shiny Festa as Haruka, Hibiki and Takane – doing Watashi-tachi wa Zutto--- Deshou?

May Expo – will be spread over both days due to mixed commitments
We are doing Polka Shiny Festa. We’ll be making a music video, which will mimic this and we’ll be performing on stage, song to be discussed, and also making some skits! Hopefully XD

Characters free for May Expo!
Ritsuko (Dark Green)
Makoto (Black)
Ami (Yellow)
Chihaya (Royal Blue)

ALSO WITH REGARDS TO MAY EXPO! We are looking for some people to assist us with shooting this video! We need several green people (or green zentai suited peeps) for green screen purposes and we’ll probably need some extra hands to help us out.

WE ALSO WOULD LIKE A FULL TIME PHOTOGRAPHER/CAMERA-MAN! We feel it’s better to keep having the same person over and over rather than having to warm up to someone new. If it’s someone we’re comfortable with, photos will end up looking better as people won’t be as shy.

If you are interested, to keep in the loop, please join our Facebook Group – I’ve just cleaned it all up and such so it’s looking a tad empty, but it’ll fill up

I also recommend getting Skype, as we can do a lot of conversing on there too. I myself got Skype for that single purpose

Ayacon Plans

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