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02 Dec 2012 - 21:1994625
Nail Polish on Craft Foam?
I need to make the jewels on my armband for this Hikaru cosplay.

The jewels are wierd shapes, so I wanted to make them myself.
Thinking clay would be too heavy for arm bands (becauce they are fabric), I thought of maybe using nail polish on craft foam?
I know that is could possibly crack. But what if I seal it first with a layer of craft glue?

03 Dec 2012 - 04:0994634
Sorry, no image appearing when I view this post, but you could probably use nailpolish on craft foam if you seal it first, but it is likely still to crack and you will need a lot of layers because of the porus nature of craft foam. You'd be better off covering the craft foam in vinyl/pvc or using opalescent/pearlescent paint than nailpolish though.

Or, if you can get some sort of lightweight, cuttable, plastic-y stuff then nailpolish will work on that without cracking better than craftfoam; try looking up shrinkles/shrinky-dinks and heat-formable plastic. I'd cut to shape larger than needed/punch holes in them, shrink them and then paint them with nail polish after they've cooled off from the oven.

Nailpolish also works well over fimo (again after it's been baked), which works for making beads/gems and if you interface the facric armbands it shouldn't be too heavy (of course I can't tell the size of the gems as I don't know the character/costume variant).

03 Dec 2012 - 11:5294641
You can use nail varnish on craft foam no problem. Put a layer of PVA glue on first to seal it so you get the best colour from the nail varnish and so your bottles of nail varnish go further.

As for cracking, it depends how much you're planning to bend the foam. I've used nail varnish on a thin foam head piece that curved around my forehead and it didn't crack at all. I'd think small jewel shapes will be fine.

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