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26 Nov 2012 - 15:1594411
Keeping shape
Hey, I'm wanting to vamp up Catnip_Dream's Palace of Dragon Ami's design costume.

I want the skirt to have that shape, rather than the sort of flop it has. Does anyone have any suggestions how I could do it? Will interfacing it to death work?

Please heeeeelp!

EDIT! Actually, I'd like to improve more bits. The dragon was too heavy on her head, I'd like a better alternative (we used poly morph)

Ayacon Plans

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26 Nov 2012 - 19:3094429
One of the most common ways to make a skirt 'poof' out would be to make a netting underskirt/petticoat.
Another way is to make a hoop skirt, but I think that design is too short to warrent that (plus when you sit down it could flip up =O)

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26 Nov 2012 - 19:4294430
Just a short petticoat will do the trick, plenty of online tutorials on how to construct them out of netting

My God. Its full of stars
29 Nov 2012 - 04:4194526
Interfacing would work, but when I need something to stand up or keep shape, I use thin plastic, like the stuff the cheap plastic files in Poundland are made from. Its what I made Loki's shoulder fins from, and to keep my collar crisp and flat. It wouldn't weigh an ounce, won't bulk out and can easily be sewn in.

29 Nov 2012 - 11:5794533
A petticoat will hold everything out further, but if you want the purple layer to stick out right to the points you'll need to interface it. Once it's stiffer it will hold it's own weight up off the end of the petticoat otherwise it will flop past the end.

I can't tell from the photos if you've made the green layer a skirt or puffy shorts. If shorts maybe go for a matching green petticoat over the top of them but under the purple layer. If a skirt save on special fabric and stuff it under the green layer.

Mini petticoats are easy to make (just lots of gathering), but when I needed one they were actually cheaper to buy on ebay than it would have cost me to get the netting, so take a look around if you just need a generic white/green one, unless you already have netting ready

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