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18 Nov 2012 - 05:0494095
LF offers on Jon Snow Cloak

I'm considering selling my handmade Lord Snow Cloak. I made it for halloween and I think it is awesome but I don't really have any where to keep it and it would be a crime to stuff it in some box in the loft.

It is made of quite weighty, black Fryetts Kensington Fabric (technically curtain fabric), Quality Black faux long fur and faux leather straps across the chest.

Here is a pic of what it is meant to be like (it is surprisingly similar, if I do say so myself )

The actual tv show cloak

I am no master tailor so the construction is a little rough in places but still pretty solid. Aesthetically this does not show itself though.

Unfortunately I currently don't have a good quality camera (Black fur on black fabric is difficult to contrast on poor phone camera)

I will upload a photo on Sunday or Monday night.

I really do love this item so it will require a good offer to prise it off me

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