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17 Nov 2012 - 22:2794089
Super London comic con!
Hi everyone was just wondering who is coming to the super london comic convention next year!?
And also i need help deciding on a costume went as the comedian from watchmen last year so not sure to do it again or design a new costume?

i'm a doctor of engineering.. twice
27 Nov 2012 - 10:4994451
I went, and will be there again.

Was my first cosplay last year as Galactus, and had a blast.

This year, me and a few friends are doing Victorian X-Men, I'm doing British Army Officer Cable. I may also be doing Groot if I can get him finished.

<- Phil - Far more ideas than cosplay skill. >.<

Done: Galactus - LSCC 2012 / Half Skrull - Kapow 2012
Planned: Jayne (Firefly) / Victorian Cable - LSCC 2013
To do list: Black Bolt - Marvel Inhumans / Groot - Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy
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