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14 Nov 2012 - 22:4093930
MCM Expo London May - Touhou Group on the Saturday
Hi I'm making a Touhou meet up on Saturday for the May MCM Expo.

We have a small bunch of people so far but if you'd like to join, you're welcome to. (Photographers and Cosplayers)

We might be planning to do Cirno's Perfect Math class but not confirmed yet


I know it's quite far in advance but i'm making sure to get things ready now, rather than a week before (happened october )

I'll be going as Flandre Scarlet, if you know any Touhou cosplayers that are going please inform them ^^ it would be great to get a big photoshoot done.

14 Nov 2012 - 22:4193932
Reposted, didn't realise there was a thread already

Go here Clicky!

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