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02 Nov 2012 - 16:2193375
Kuroko no Basuke~
Posting this here in case anyone is interested in joined our group as:

Touhou captain Shoichi Imayoshi:

Yosen's shooting guard and old friend of Kagami Tatsuya Himuro:

There's also Alex who trained Kagami and Himuro in America SPOILER PIC IF YOU'RE NOT UP TO DATE WITH THE MANGA THOUGH IT'S NOT A PLOT SPOILER JUST A SURPRISE SPOILER http://www.zerochan.net/1189807

And then most of the Seirin team XD

Here is the page with the Seirin team's names, Mitobe and Izuki are regular players and Furihata is about to show his stuff in the next chapter release. We have a Kagami, Kuroko, Koga and Riko. Everyone else is free. PM-me if you're interested. Would involve meets and general shoots as opposed to at a specific event.



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