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28 Oct 2012 - 17:4693153
Nitendo Wii and Gamecube consoles + More
I am getting a WiiU later this year and seems a bit silly to keep my Wii so I am parting with it along with my gamecube.

The gamecube has been boxed away for year and all though my Wii has been out it barley gets touched.

Shipping NOT included in price

All though price's are given they are not set in stone will take reasonable offers

Payment by paypal -gift-

Nintendo Wii

Boxed with all its original content -except the club points- and Wii Sports
Also included-
Component cable
Wii Remote
Wii motion plus
Wii Speak -never used-
Wii docking station -never used was given it-
Let's Tap
Wii Play
Wii classic controller -not pictured-

Forgot it also has
500 points left on the store
And these Downloaded games-
Alex the kidd
master system sonic 1 and 2
master system sonic chaos
Lost winds
Big Time shoot out

Price: £110

Nintedo Gamecube

All thought I have not looked for this yet and I may have it some where the back clip part is missing, it is where I had the gameboy player attached and as I has been years like it I don't remember where I put the back.
Box -though not in great condition and doesn't have its inner packings, though will pack well-
2 official Controllers
4 Memory cards -3 are official I think one is not-
Luigi's Mansion -in ok condition -was given-- not picutred
Super Smash Bros Meele -not pictured-
Soul Calibur 2 -not pictured-

Price: £45

Nintendo Gameboy Player

Great condition, complete with box -though has seen better days the box-

Price: £15

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02 Nov 2012 - 18:3093384
Errrr I would at least keep the Wii if I were you xD Wii U doesn't have Gamecube controller ports, and you'll regret selling the Wii.
The latest Wii's on sale don't gave Gamecube controller ports.

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