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27 Oct 2012 - 14:4493144
Yoko Prop Rifle - Really needs to go!
Shifting this seems harder than i thought.
For Sale:
Non Working Rifle Pop

never been used for cons/photoshoots.
Selling due to moving and not much space.

Yoko Ritona Gurren Lagann Rifle £100 *INCLUDING SHIPPING*
71 Inch Rifle[/b]

Gave it a spray of matte black coating.

The lenses on the sight i haven't attached yet, they're wooden circled parts with acrylic centre pieces. Transfers were applied.

The rifle breaks down to be easily transported, via screws being undone and parts sliding off of the rifle.

Parts list:
1 x Suppressor 2 x Sight Rings 1 x Plastic sight lens 1 x Bipod
1 x Barrel 1 x Sight Rail 1 x magazine 1 x belt
1 x Stock 1 x Cycle Bolt 1 x grip 2 x Belt loops
1 x Sight 1 x Inner Chamber System 1 x trigger 1 x plastic clip

Pvc, poplar wood and metal bipod with a nylon strap in pink. Plastic lens cap and 3 acrylic lenses.

The rifle has a functioning trigger, and functional cycling system via a pvc pipe insert and a spring.

Very screen accurate, amazing construction. Weight 4.6kg constructed.

Full Length Left Side:

Full Length Right Side:

Muzzle End Right Side:

Detail of Grip,Mag & Bolt Cycle

Bolt Cycled Back:

Sling Hooks:


Muzzle & Sling Hook Out:

Barrel End: *Muzzle Attachment*

Scope With Mounts: *Mounts are Real Metal*

Scope Lens:

Scope Lens Fitted:

Sight Rail:

Disassembly: *Break Down for Transportation*

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04 Nov 2012 - 21:0693450
Bump + New Pictures :]

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