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23 Oct 2012 - 17:1293017
WANTED: thick black wig commission

I'm cosplaying Lady Loki and giving myself a headache over her hair.

Some pictures :3

- So you can get an idea of length at the back, about mid to lower back

Essentially, I want a long black some wavy/flicky/curvy wig with lots of volume which is swept back. ALSO, I don't want any of her gold bits on it, nor her headdress, I'm doing that myself.

I have looked at wig after wig after wig, and none have the volume I'm looking for. This front lace one is the closet I could find, but ideally I want it thicker and longer. And I have before tried adding volume to a wig, but it failed MISERABLY.

So please no-one go "oh, you could just use this wig and add more to it" as bleah, I suck at that and rather have someone do it for me. Unless the wig is already perfect, then feel free to linkage :3

AHA, forgot to add when for; I'm cosplaying Lady Loki properly in 2014, but if I have enough done will probably do doss about ones for earlier cons in 2013. But yeah, wig of awesome isn't needed until one and a half years.

Costs; Not willing to pay over £60.

Ayacon Plans

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