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22 Oct 2012 - 19:3792948
Face on zentai suit
So, for a cosplay, I'm going to use a zentai suit (with a detacheable hood, makes it easier.)
Now, I need to make a face on it. It's a pretty simple face, but the question is still, how would I even put it on the hood?
I still have some white fabric that could perhaps be used, but it's not very stretchy so I don't know if that would become a problem.

23 Oct 2012 - 22:5093034
There are probably two ways you can go about it depending the finished effect you want. But both involve putting the hood part of the zentai suit onto a Styrofoam wig head so the fabric is stretched into the correct place Then either hand sew or draw on the fsce with sharpe! I often stear towards the sewing on option but try to choose fabrics that are similar in material to the Zentai hood itselfs with a bit of stretch in them

24 Oct 2012 - 14:1493054
Well, good thing I have a styrofoam head then. And okay, strecthcy fabric is an option. But are there white sharpies? And how good would these even work on black.
I really need it like this

Like I said, pretty easy, but still

25 Oct 2012 - 23:2293119
Oh didn't relise it was putting white on black - I invisaged the base colour was white - my bad. I doubt sharpies will work It will need to be sewn on. What you can do though it cut out the piece you want to be white from the black mask while its on the styrofoam head then use this black piece you've cut out as a pattern for the white fabric. Once you have cut out the white piece (add 2cm or so for seam allowance) the same as the black then just pin and sew it into place. If you have a machine try using a zigzag stitch as this will help to allow the mask to have a bit of stretch at the seam

make sure you do the large chunk of white first and sew it up before cutting out details for face mainly because the white bit you add may alter the shape of the mask slightly so do the face second to avoid dissapointment

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