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06 Jan 2009 - 19:289249
Renji Wig Help
hey guys now i need some advice on how to do this wig...the thing that is bugging me most is the hairline...i'm guessing i need to cut into the wig and use latex to cover the gap? unless someone else has better suggestion? plus how to keep the the pony tail pointy?

reference images:

also how do you store dreadlocks under the wig?

06 Jan 2009 - 19:449252
Not an easy one. I’ve never personally tried anything like this, so I’m not going to try into details, but I can say that you’d want to cut the triangular sections out of the wig, then redo the hairline with wefts neatly covering the new edges.

It also looks like the central point has to come pretty low down on the forehead, so you’d be needing to extend the wig too, by adding wefts to a new piece of lace/fabric. (I’d definitely recommend wearing the headband, that’d eliminate some of the work!)

To fill in the gaps, you’d want something skin coloured, like a bald cap since that hairline would extend back where your own. hair is. Not sure what the best material for that would be, but even flesh tone fabric might be ok.

The spikes can be held just with hairspray, or a bit of clear drying glue or caulk (primarily holding the tips and roots). A bit of time and care waiting for it to dry and keeping each spike properly positioned (try angling the wig so that each spike you’re working on points downwards, so you have gravity on your side) will help you out.

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