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16 Oct 2012 - 21:5792661
I suck at introductions.
Thought I’d get that out of the way first. Hi, my name is Stacey (since that wasn’t at all obvious), I’m 19 and live in London (and temporarily Liverpool for university). I’m really obsessed with games and anime and there’s a lot of each I love, so those are my main areas for cosplay.
I’ve been cosplaying for about a year and a half now, though I’ve loved it much longer, and so far I’ve only been to the MCM Expos in London. I hope to do more when I can afford it. My cosplays so far have been mostly bought but I’ve vowed to make everything for my cosplays from May Expo 2013 onwards. I’ve actually got all my Expo cosplays planned for the next 2 years and many more I want to do.
I found this site a couple of days ago and wanted to join because I’ve been trying to find somewhere I can just talk about cosplay. I’d also love to meet more cosplayers and people into the same sort of stuff as me.

17 Oct 2012 - 07:2692669
Hello Stacey.

Nice to hear from more northerners these days, not enough I tell you. Though I'm in Sheffield, I know a buggerton of people in the North-west. There's a group that organises cosplay meet ups in Liverpool and Manchester, it's not really my thing since I rarely have time and half the time it's screaming adolescents who're out to get some attentions but if you can tolerate that you might get a few mates out of it.

PM me for more info and I'll dig it up, I know of two groups in Manchester too, though they're a little more casual and one is a University group.

Any questions etc feel free to ask away, anywhere, go nuts.

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17 Oct 2012 - 22:1092719
Welcome to the forums! We're all happy to chat about cosplay, I'm sure you'll fit in well! Can't wait to see your finished cosplays, by the way.

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25 Oct 2012 - 02:0393076
Hey there and welcome ^^
I'm also from Liverpool university so that's cool c;

05 Nov 2012 - 22:3493519

05 Nov 2012 - 23:1393523
Welcome welcome! Always nice to see new people getting into cosplay!

Will have to keep an eye out for you at the next Expo!

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