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15 Oct 2012 - 22:1992608
Godtier Jane Crocker hood commission!!
Hello, I'm cosplaying as Godtier!Jane for Anime Los Angeles which is in January, and I need someone to sew me a hoodie please! I'm willing to pay up to $35 for it, but I'll need some examples of your work before we get this whole stuff going! Please contact me if you're interested!
examples of the hood i need;

16 Oct 2012 - 13:2792636
If you want some honest advice, you're probably looking in the wrong place for a commission if you live in the US!

Sourcing someone over there would be beneficial for a number of reasons! Shipping is HUGELY expensive internationally, as well as the customs problem, which will take a huge cut out of your budget if you want it shipped safely and securely.
Material in America is an awful lot cheaper, too, so you'd be getting more for your money picking someone to make it from over there.
Not to mention posting times and such! It's a long way for a parcel to go, and the further the distance the more likely it is to get lost.

Try asking around on HS tumblr cosplay blogs or messaging people on the cosplay.com forums. There are always those who either already have slots open for this kind of thing, or are willing to take on new commissions!

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