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13 Oct 2012 - 07:5392505
Full Witchblade costume idea's
I've had an idea but I'm not sure if it will work, and I was curious if anybody else had any ideas/suggestions.

My plan is to wrap parts of my body in cling film (not all at once, say bottom half of my leg) then apply a few layers of duct tape over the cling film, cut myself out of it neatly down the sides. Then stuff the cut out part with newspaper to keep it's shape, coat again with cling film and then start working on the actual costume, I've been suggested to use a hot glue gun to get all the details (but use grease proof paper over the top as well)I've also been told that liquid latex works well and friendly plastic.

I plan to make a few prototypes(of the arm alone)and figure out the best way, but any suggestions would be lovely and greatly appreciated!

13 Oct 2012 - 14:0592513
Duct tape is an established way to make your own custom mannequin, it's true. Your plan is pretty much spot on, though from my own experience of doing the same for my arm and thighs I have a couple of tips:

- Don't over stuff your duct tape. It will stretch a fair bit around the seams and make your measurements out.

- Label left/right/top/bottom accurately, as it's a bit complicated after you've done both arms and don't know left from right.

- Keep the clingfilm *tight*. Two or three layers of tape adds a good third of a centimetre to your measurements, so a tight under-layer will compensate.

- When wrapping yourself, try and keep your layers as flat/even as possible, like wrapping a mummy. If possible, try and get someone else to do it for you. Any double/triple layered bits will throw off your later costume measurements.

Hope this helps some

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13 Oct 2012 - 16:0292520
wow great tips thank you! I will keep them in mind, I'm glad I wasn't going in completely the wrong direction

17 Oct 2012 - 21:3292712
-sort of bump-

Made a base (for my arm as a tester it's holding shape nicely)So that's not a problem so far.

I've also bought liquid latex and I've been slowly layering it up to create the darker parts of the costume. I need the costume to be flixible so I can move in it, as it's going to be a full body outfit when finished but I need it quite solid in other parts, especially when it comes to the parts that point out - such as the shoulders.

However I don't think the liquid latex is going to work on its own as it's too flimsy, unless I thicken the latex up using some thickener, or add some paper mashe or pva or something, but I'm not too sure what to try or if to just keep going with the plain liquid latex. I think I'll need something soon when it comes to the spiked shoulder parts. But any help would be appreciated again, Thank you!

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