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12 Oct 2012 - 23:5592501
Attaching a sword handle (stab effect)
(Sorry about sizes of photos ;s)
Hello ^.^
So basically today I am coming to you with a problem I have been thinking about for awhile...

I have a sword handle of a katana (Ichigo Kurosakis sword) and i wish to have it showing it puncturing into me as follows (will go through layers of clothing as a hold im thinking so far).:

If so, can anybody direct me in a method of attaching it to myself? I've thought of resin but I am rather short on time and money, so cheapest things too if possible ^^

The handle itself is 32cm long and width is: bottom (4cm), hilt (7.5cm) and spiky top (5.2cm long, 1.5cm wide). Or as seen in reference pics below:

Top view.

Front view with spike:

Closeup of spike (the problem):

13 Oct 2012 - 00:2192503
Those pictures are massive. Could you maybe get leather belts and make a sort of harness that goes over your shoulder and around your waist and then embed the point into the leather and glue. That way its secure and sturdy and shouldn't fall off.

13 Oct 2012 - 11:1492507
First of all, please resize those images using TinyPic or similar. As it stands I can't even see what you're referencing.

If it's a 'real' (or solid) sword handle, I would suggest either modifying a belt or combining spirit gum and creative sewing attaching the back of the handle to your shoulder - though if you want it 'protruding', this wouldn't work as well.

The other option would be to attach the base/tang end to the outfit and have the hilt 'hang' by invisible thread or fishing line from your shoulder. The flaw in this is that your 'base' where it attaches to your clothing is going to need to flex with the movement.

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