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06 Jan 2009 - 03:229206
DOC Genesis wig help
I'm planning on doing as the title of the post says the Dirge of Cerberus version of Genesis Rhapsodos, and so need some help in how to style the wig, as he has fairly long hair but it's all spikey at the top and sides, and since I'm just no good with wigs would appreciate any advice or tips on what stuff to best use, etc.

Ref pic:- http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/finalfantasy/images/7/71/Genesis-Artwork.jpg

06 Jan 2009 - 04:369208
Because it looks so whispy from that image the Punky wig on cosworx would work really well with just a bit of gel and trim the back to the right length. (I use manga head gel)
If you wanted to go for a regular wig I would recomend cosplay wig on ebay. They do kanekelon wig but the fibres are nice and light so you should still be able to get a good effect. (The spikes wouldn't seem as full though compared to when you use a fur fibre wig.)

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