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11 Oct 2012 - 14:2292439
Selling: Black Catsuit Size S £25!
Hey I'm hoping to sell this Fever brand 'Miss Whiplash' zip up catsuit.

It's been worn one once for a superhero themed night out but it was worn very briefly and carefully looked after.
It's ideal for any kind of superhero costume and I bought for it a Black Widow costume. I also reckon it'd be pretty ideal for an Arkham City Catwoman

Here's a picture of the costume in action:

(sorry for the crappy instagram photo!)

As you can see it sits a little baggy on me but I am a size 6. It will definitely fit a size 8-10 nicely and as the fabric has a little give I would also guess that it would have a 'figure hugging' fit on a size 12.

I originally bought this for £40 but I'm looking ideally for £25. I can only really accept paypal payment and I can have this shipped super quick if you need it for Expo or Halloween!

If you have any more questions just let me know!


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