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10 Oct 2012 - 22:1092416
Room spaces available onsite!
I have a room booked at the onsite Ibis hotel from Friday 26th to Monday 29th.
I have some spaces left on the floor.
In the room there is a double bed and sofa bed, these have been taken so there is now only floor space available.
You'll need to bring a sleeping bag and a pillow, as the hotel only provides extra pillows and sheets for the sofabed.

At the moment, there is myself, a female friend, a male friend and possibly my boyfriend, so four people. I'm only looking to have six people in the room tops.

5 people: £70.40 pp
6 people: £58.60

People PM me here, or feel free to message me on Facebook (Fran Grinter) if you're interested or know somebody who is, thanks!

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