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10 Oct 2012 - 20:5292415
Beardy Irish 3D videogame Artist in Brighton, long time cosplay admirer
Long time cosplay admirer, haven't been able too because I've been stuck in places where it isn't popular (Belfast, Middlesbrough, Newcastle..)

I work as a 3D artist at a little games company in Brighton.

Looking for some friendly people in the South of England to show me the ropes, which conventions to attend and so on.

Also, to be honest, and well mostly, having befriended a few online, I find female cosplayers wildly attractive, and I'd love to go out with one, but am fairly clueless as to how to meet any. Tips?

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10 Oct 2012 - 22:0292417
Hello and welcome to CI

I'm fairly new to this as well (although I have been loitering on this forum for a couple of months!) and I am going to to my first con in a couple of weeks! The MCM Expo At Excel in London. It's the biggest and best (so I am told). It would probably be a good starting point for meeting people

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10 Oct 2012 - 22:2592419
Cool, is it too late to get a ticket? Or worth going to any day other than the Saturday? Also, I'd feel a little lame going by myself -__-

10 Oct 2012 - 22:3492420
up, you can still get tickets. This is the website:


I don't know is any particular day is better. I'm going to be there for the whole weekend myself.

The best thing is to get talking to some people on here. Sometimes this forum is a bit slow moving, but people will reply - everyone is really friendly. I've managed to find people with similar interests to meet up with

I like big Boats, I cannot lie - Isabela

11 Oct 2012 - 14:4892443

I'd grade your intro post as a 3/10. You started off so well with promise and good vibes then let yourself down at the end with making it sound like this place is where you pick up chicks and that jazz.

This little world may seem a little strange to you, there are many dynamics and sometimes newcomers tend to get put off with how the majority views ethics and such. This community is riddled with drama, emotion, douchebaggery, but don't let that hold you back as it's a tiny price to pay for the fun we have.

For more information, check out starchildcoffee.blogspot.com on how to get by in the anime/manga/cosplayer world without the shallow "be yourself" cliches and so on. Hell, I'm one hell of a douche and I found a girlfriend cosplayer in this stuff, twice, without trying.

Lashings of humour and not giving a poop will get you by and lubricate the pistons of your networking engine.

Just remember Ben, try not to take things too seriously. A pint of three of the ales ain't such a bad thing either. Oh, and don't feed the weebs, posers or trolls.

12 Oct 2012 - 19:3392492
Hey man Mmm, 'picking up chicks' really isn't how I feel about it, I want to meet somebody lovely who likes videogames and enjoys showing it by dressing up as Persona 4 characters or whatever. Basically, I'm just being honest about why I'd like to meet cosplayers - more than any other demographic I share the most in common with them, so of course they are the most attractive to me.

On a personal level, despite it's awesomeness, cosplay is too much effort/expense for me, while I'd happily have or wear a cool costume I don't have the time (especially with work) for it.

13 Oct 2012 - 17:5492526
hey welcome to the site, im new on here as well, everyone is very friendly, expo will be my first event so hope its worth it, hope you have fun here

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