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05 Jan 2009 - 13:439154
Anyone going to Midlands 09?
Uh so I just found out about Midlands today and whilst I know its not the best of cons as far as they go I'm excited because I get to do one of the costumes I'd otherwise have to wait for May to do.

However I can't decide which and depending on whether there are any 'groups' going it might sway me so is anyone going to Midlands and who do you plan to cosplay?


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05 Jan 2009 - 13:469158
I'll be going if we can get a ride up there. I'll probably be using it as a test run for our Golden Sun costumes. Just got to make the scythe in time. ><

05 Jan 2009 - 13:509160
What are the masquerade rules regarding london expo? I mean if I enter a costume in the midlands one can I still enter it in the London masquerade? I know there's a couple of rules regarding entering costumes twice into London expo so I was wondering how this applied.


05 Jan 2009 - 14:169163
im going

though not sure who to cosplay

05 Jan 2009 - 14:169164
I'm going! Unfortunately I can't tell you what I'm (hopefully) going as, because A. it's a secret and B. it depends if I get it finished on time. XD

And as for masquerade rules, I don't think you're allowed to enter a costume into both a London and Midlands masquerade. Or, at least, that's always the impression I've had. I'm sure someone will come in here and correct me if I'm wrong, though. :B

05 Jan 2009 - 14:419166
I will be there Filming and doing photo shoots. If you are interested in a Photo Shoot, please PM me. I will be putting out an official Press Release later on tonight with times and prices.

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05 Jan 2009 - 14:569169
I'll be there as Freya Crescent again, I don't really have the time or motivation to make a new cosplay right now XD My friends and I will be in a small Final Fantasy IX group, consisting of Freya, Vivi and Zidane (and I think at some point a Garnet too!).

And from what I've heard - Masquerade rules apply across the two expos, if you've entered at London with a certain cosplay, said cosplay can't enter Midlands too. It's a bit fail because some people won't get to see an awesome cosplay's masquerade cosplay performance if they don't go to both expos... but it's still a good rule to have because then you get to see different costumes each time, I suppose.

05 Jan 2009 - 15:489170
I hope to be going. Its on the same day as my Dad's birthday. Depending on what he decides to do then I might be there. If I do go then my cosplay will be last minute decision.

05 Jan 2009 - 16:269175
im going 2 midlands but havnt desided on cosplay yet as i can just pick 1 of 14 cosplays i have in my wardrobe. (lol)

is any1 staying up telford?

edit: im now going as ranma frm ranma 1/2 lol, its not the best but i will b fun. also i've now convinced my bf and a mate 2 cum with me yay. see every1 saturday

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05 Jan 2009 - 17:019177
im going! ^^
im over exsited though... and im cosplaying school boy axel :3

@tab: i dont think you can enter a costume thats already been in an mcm event, as my and a small group were going to do an ouran host club skit last midnlands and wernt alowed as we'd entered the costumes in the masq in london, you can only re enter them if theres been big noticable changed

05 Jan 2009 - 17:239178
I'm going as Belle with a couple of friends. We're turning it into a bit of a holiday because it's so far (yet it's the closest XD) so three day weekend wooh!

05 Jan 2009 - 18:339181
I plan to attend with a friend of mine ^^

Hopefully I'll be going as [Otome no inori] Lina from Slayers NEXT.

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05 Jan 2009 - 18:559183
I'll try and be there as Garnet for a mini-shoot with Freya's group! ^_^

For the main part though I'm planning on doing Takuto from Full Moon wo Sagashite. Kytiane will be Mitsuki, Shigures high school girl as Meroko and Special-pleb as Izumi! [We might make ourselves a Jonathon as well]

I'm mega excited about Full Moon group! *___*

05 Jan 2009 - 21:439191
I should be going.
Well, I better be going! I've already bought the materials and begged the pattern off my textiles lady teacher friendface and I've started adjusting the pattern also!
I happen to be visiting my brother in Stafford whilst Midlands is on and he said we should go, the distance isn't too far from there (I've heard, I have no clue XD)

But, hopefully, as Utena from Revolutionary Girl Utena :3

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05 Jan 2009 - 23:139196
Yep, I plan to be there. Most likely I will be cosplaying Princess Kraehe, but I might be taking a few artistic liberties with the costume..you'll have to wait and see.

I'm also working on a little performance routine for the masquerade, if I can get a place. So yeah, looking forward to it. ^_^

07 Jan 2009 - 18:149334
ill be cloud strife (final fantasy crisis core version)
any final fantasy 7/crisis core cosplayers intrested in sharing a photoshoot? think my friend is coming as kadaj.. would be good to get together for some photos.

07 Jan 2009 - 19:009338
Quote Daisy:
ill be cloud strife (final fantasy crisis core version)
any final fantasy 7/crisis core cosplayers intrested in sharing a photoshoot? think my friend is coming as kadaj.. would be good to get together for some photos.

I'm not gonna be there for Midlands but I am there for Kita and May Expo as Angeal and will have a Zack, Genesis, Aerith and Cissnei so I hope you're there for those!

CosplayIsland Staff Member

08 Jan 2009 - 01:079366
Quote Aerblade:
I plan to attend with a friend of mine ^^

Hopefully I'll be going as [Otome no inori] Lina from Slayers NEXT.

YAY! A Slayers copslayer. I did consider cosplaying as Gourry but I'm way too short (mind you I'm far too short for all my cosplays. Lol!). I'm most likely to go in my Abel nightroad from Trinity Blood (anime version).

I would go as Sephiroth but the arnour is a bit of a pain to lug around for just one day.

08 Jan 2009 - 01:259371
Well apparently I'm going XD. So hopefully I'll be cosplaying Desire of the Endless, from The Sandman comics. Failing that, guess I'll recycle something old.


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08 Jan 2009 - 08:439375
ill be there as simon

08 Jan 2009 - 18:289417
I'll be there as Yukia Nagato!! ^^

09 Jan 2009 - 05:379442
If I do go my brother might be coming with me. If he dose he'll come as Sweeney Todd.

16 Jan 2009 - 21:079814
Woo Yuki!! ^_^

Anywho, I should be going as Hiyori Tamura from Lucky Star accompanied by my college anime group

17 Jan 2009 - 00:379824
Do you mean the MCM Expo in the Midlands? If so, i aint going to that one bt to the one in London. Am cosplaying as Sora from KH2 and the day after in my Star Trek uniform. or the other way around.

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17 Jan 2009 - 01:229826
I'll be wiggin out as Bobobo bo-bo bobo

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