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08 Oct 2012 - 01:5192263
Casting Call , new comic bok series
Hello ,
I am new to the site,
i work as a character designer and technical director in the film/tv and game industry

this site as some great cosplay photos and though may be interested in a project that i will be producing,

It is a new sci-fi adventure graphic novel series called Vicariance
To get this production off the ground i will be running a casting call for anybody interested In being cast as a character in the series ,
There are some unbelievable cosplay photos on this forum and the and the vicariance series will have allot of different worlds with many different styles of characters and costumes throughout the series ,
If you are interested in the comic book please show some support and you might land a role as a character in the series
I hope you all like the project and try out for a part, and i look forward to meeting you all


if i get a good response to the indiegogo campaign i will be adding a few more characters to be cast so stay tuned

08 Oct 2012 - 08:1692272
page 4
hello ,

just thought i would post a page from the comic book
this is page 4 without the writing

08 Oct 2012 - 08:4492274
Gotta say that does look great, the artwork and use of colour is really dramatic and the pictures seem to tell a story even though there is no dialogue!

Awesome work man =D

08 Oct 2012 - 09:1192277
thanx mate ,

will be saving the dialogue for the printed version

but i am glad you like the style of the comic

the series will have a bunch of new worlds with different cultures

we hope to delve deep into character design and costume.
hopefully one day ill see one of the characters from the series in the cosplay photos ,

the introduction comic is quite dark and gritty so may not be one for "fun" cosplay.
but the first episode will be rich with characters in a more stylized futuristic setting

hope everybody will enjoy the novels



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