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07 Oct 2012 - 21:5992259
Selling Skyward Sword collectors edition. Skyrim and more. (Offers welcome)
So I have to make money for Expo, which means selling my beloved Skyward Sword collectors edition with the Golden Wii Motion plus
It has everything in it bar the Club Nintendo points.
I don't know how much this is worth, but I don't want to let it go cheaply either.
Also selling Skyrim for the PC...
Everything is complete with a map poster.

Also selling the Ocarina of time 3D Pre order box..
This item is still sealed.

There is a couple of other items for sale too, but I just need to find them etc
But, looking for offers on everything as i'm not good with prices!
Thanks for looking :3

08 Oct 2012 - 13:0392287
Oh, also able to Drop off at Expo on the Saturday if needed :3

19 Oct 2012 - 00:0892785

Decided to put it on Ebay as a buy it now! C:
Get a bargain.

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