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05 Oct 2012 - 21:1592175
Oh no! I've snapped my foam armour!
So, whilst trying to flex one of my leg 'bits' that hadn't gone to plan, it snapped in half! I was hoping the foam would still have some bend to it, but... no. I admit, I may have had a glass of wine before trying this so it's entirely my fault.

The upshot of my stupidity is a long thin crack down the whole piece. Doesn't look too bad, and certainly isn't visible in low light, but when it catches the light it is an obvious fault line down the foam.

I simply don't have time to remake the piece now I'm back at uni. Would a layer of PVA glue and a new layer of primer/spray paint be enough to hide my idiocy?!

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05 Oct 2012 - 22:0092176
I'd imagine, if you could fill the crack then repainted... it wouldn't be perfect, but it might cover it up. Or make it less noticeable.

However, from the scratches and dints I put into my Loki armor to help it age, I'm not sure it'd work without something thicker to fill it. Since those damage still show up clearly after layers of glue and paint.

You could try, and the worst thing is you'll need to repaint it and it makes no difference. Best, it covers the crack enough to last expo.

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06 Oct 2012 - 14:0092206
If you can get it to hold, which sounds like you have, and it's a just a case of it having an obvious fault, make it part of the design. Weather the pieces, make it look like Sif has just been fighting

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06 Oct 2012 - 14:3392208
You could try a product that peo/ple tend to use for armour making or prop building. Sometimes when you've cut something down or have a little dent they sometimes use fillers which can be used for car bodies (for example if theres a little ding) or polyfiller, after applying it let it dry out, and then use a very low grade sandpaper to get rid of anything that you dont want or need.

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