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04 Jan 2009 - 20:389129
Fur Fabric P:
The next character I'm cosplaying [Youji from Loveless] has green cat ears... Px


My original plan was to buy white ears + tail off eBay and then dye them, but apparently you can't dye fur... *is a fabric noob*

I guess I'll have to buy some green fur fabric and make the ears + tail, but I'm worried about where to get a colour that's close to the wig [which I haven't even bought yet XD]

So, uh, any help appreciated.

05 Jan 2009 - 09:149143
It's not very likely that you'll be able to find a fur and a wig that will match. It's hard enough to get a pale blue fur, let alone a pale green.

So this means you'll have to dye one of them. There is a way to dye fur if you're careful, but not being an expert myself I don't think I can really exaplain it. Try the Fursuit community on Livejournal and post a question on dying fur there. I'm sure someone will be able to link you to a tutorial.

You can also Dye the wig- there are two main techniques- sharpie dying and the spray one, but yet again I'm not an expert, so I can't really give advice on that. "Synthetic Wig dying" in google will probably help.


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