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29 Sep 2012 - 17:2891859
Hi All,

I'm trying to find a waistcoast for my Helena Harper costume and I really didn't think it would be that hard to find!

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


I like big Boats, I cannot lie - Isabela

29 Sep 2012 - 17:4291860
It looks like it's made of leather, I found this on Ebay which looks very similar, the shoulders don't look as thin but I think you'd get away with it. Those guys have a few different sizes I just picked one at random


29 Sep 2012 - 18:0291863
Thanks for this

I did a little ebaying myself and came up with this one:


The shoulder straps are thinner so it might be a bit better

I like big Boats, I cannot lie - Isabela

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