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26 Sep 2012 - 11:2691633
WANT TO BUY: Lolita clothing
I'm looking to add more items to my lolita wardrobe~

I'm looking to buy:
Off-white or Black long sleeved blouse
Black puffy petticoat
Black bloomers
Loli socks
Some form of coat x'D

I'm preferably looking for Bodyline clothing, but will consider other brands/off-brands

Thank you! ^_^

26 Sep 2012 - 14:3591642
I have a plain black lolita dress with collar, headband and arm cuffs

I like to cosplay, read manga, study Japanese, korean and Chinese. I like Anime and a lot more.
26 Sep 2012 - 18:0891651
I sent you a pm, not too sure though ><;;

26 Sep 2012 - 20:3891660
thanks for the pm! Hoping to get some lovely stuff soon, trying to get warmer clothing for winter coming in lol x'

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