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25 Sep 2012 - 21:0791616
Weathering Craft Foam armor
I'm making my first pieces of armor for Loki, and several things strike out.
First, it's complicated for a first build really.
Two, it's pretty battered as well as detailed.
Three, it's also very aged.

The first two I've found tutorials for online for building the armor, adding details and how to paint it metallic... but when I get to the weathering part, I'm not quite sure how you do it beyond black paint on, quickly wipe off.

Is there a best method for it? Or any advice to go about it?
I'm such a novice in making armor, any help would be appreciated.

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25 Sep 2012 - 22:3391623
I don't have experience, but This tutorial has a bit about weathering, as does this one

This video has scratching information.

Dunno if that helps at all

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