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25 Sep 2012 - 16:2391574
University Project
Hi guys, my name's Sean. I'm a 2nd Year Student at Glasgow School of Art.
We have a new project dealing with interesting sub-cultures and groups of people who are interested in things without the mainstream, and we are to delve into what makes the subculture so important and interesting, and come up with a design specifically for you guys.
I am looking into Cosplayers - and I was wondering if I could get any contact information or meet any of you to chat and get to know you, and possibly if you could do some personal research with a kit I will give to you.

Any time that you guys would have to spare for me would be absolutely fantastic.

It is however only a 4 week project, so any replies and action will have to take place soon, if you have free schedules.

I am based around Glasgow, but I can travel a little. If anyone could inform me now about any clubs or meets in the Glasgow area then that would be fantastic

Thank you

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