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25 Sep 2012 - 15:5791573
Photo editing software
Hello !!!

Just a quick question can you recommend me some photo editing software aimes specifically as cosplay photos

Pleae provide a brief description of the program and

How good it is
how easy it is to use


1.One you have to buy

2.A free online one

Love With Your Heart And Soul

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25 Sep 2012 - 18:5391587
Personally i use Photoshop... it's expensive true, but it's pretty much the media standard when it comes to photo editing nowdays...

Photoshop elements is pretty good for a budget version of the software...


As with all Photoshop style software, there is a learning curve, but it's truly a powerhouse when it comes to media editing

For a free image editing suite, i'd recommend giving GIMP a go...


It's free and slimmed down, but it has all the basic elements of Photoshop there, and is pretty easy to get your head around... think of it as a bridge between simple picture editing suites like MSPaint and such, and Photoshop



25 Sep 2012 - 19:5491613
To my Current knowledge Theirs Non that Aims Only to Cosplay, Its best to learn Like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, But those can cost money,

Theirs a free alternative called Gimp ^^

Photoshop Pro's
Professional Software,
Large range of tools and stuff you can do,
Universally used.

Photoshop Cons
*can* Costs money,
Takes awhile to learn to a decent standard

(I dont know Much about gimp so i cant really say much.)

(If you want more advice/info just ask ^^ sorry for the quick response, doing college work!)

25 Sep 2012 - 21:3491617
I use Xiu Xie editor, it's free follow the link in this blog Xiu Xiu

I think it's mostly for beauty editing, but it has some cool effects and stuff. One thing, it's all in chinese but it's pretty simple to use. Just play about with it! Great for a free piece of software! Just be patient with the beauty thing if you change settings you have to give it a few seconds to change before you select the area. That'll make more sense when you play with it!

Dunno if that helps at all not sure exactly what your after but if it does then good!


06 Oct 2012 - 14:3292209
There's nothing specifically for cosplay, afterall what would specifically be different?

Paint.NET for simple use, miles better than MSPaint and free, but won't do effects particularly beyond layers and stuff.

GIMP is free and fully featured, amazingly so, but about as user friendly as a wild porcupine. Can't complain at that price tag though.

Paint Shop Pro is a cheaper alternative to Photoshop, not as many filters and effects available but still more or less just as functional, I found it the easier of the two to use.

Photoshop is the big daddy, don't need to say much more.

For quick sifting and translations (resize/rotate/etc) freebies would be XnView and the like, there's plenty around but vary wildly in speed and interfaces. XnView is my preferred out of them..

Paid, ACDSee Pro or Lightroom are magical - I vastly prefer ACDSee's interface but you'll find plenty of support for both.

Most of my photos never see an actual editor - which has plus and minus points, ACDSee Pro handles the sorting, sifting, adjustments, filters, rotation, etc.

Batch processing, nearly all the above can do to some extent but I prefer Imagemagick, a set of free commandline tools for image processing; highest speed and highest quality, but you've got to script 'em. User friendly as a wild porcupine *on fire*! That handles all my resizing and watermarking.

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