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25 Sep 2012 - 15:4791572
Gluing PVC fabric without air pockets?
Hi all

Haven't been around in a while but have finally got back into my Sif costume. It's going well now, got the boots and the cape and whatnot, but the corset still needs doing.

What's the best way to attach PVC strips to things? I've got two white strips running down each side of the corset, which is fine (if messy) - until I turn slightly and realise there's air pockets and wrinkles where I've put too much glue.

I can't use hemming web on PVC as the iron will melt it. Has anyone got any experience of hand sewing PVC?

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25 Sep 2012 - 17:5191577
I've not used PVC but I have with leatherette (Enchantress' trousers ). I believe they need to be treated similarly (although leatherette seems to be totally impervious to the iron, which is somewhat annoying when trying to put on appliqu├ęs), so I'd recommend getting hold of either hand leather needle or sewing leather needles.

You can actually buy a hand leather needle as part of a set from tescos for fairly cheap too.

Hope that helps :3

Ayacon Plans
25 Sep 2012 - 23:5991627
Another option is using glue. The one I've always used for vinyl is Bos-stick Impact adhesive:

But you can get it in a pot where you paint it on and this will give you more control as the spray is harder to control (well I find it is :S)

In any case what you have to do is paint glue on both sides that will be glued, so on the underside of the vinyl strip and the area the strip will be glued too. The glue will start are brown/yellow colour but once it turns white its ready to stick. You can use a flat edge or a ruler to push the airbubbles out. Like when you add sticky back plastic to stuff, so glue a litt section push all the air out then glue another section.

Though I do agree with Nixiethepixie and that sewing is the most forgiving way to attatch it without causing airbubbles but it's weather your not you want a visable stich Good Luck

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