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24 Sep 2012 - 18:4491533
Hair Dilema
Hi all

Quick intro my name's Sally and it's nice to meet you guys

I'm having a bit of a dilema hair wise for an event i'm cosplaying for in November. I've dressed up in costumes before but I never really bother when it comes to my hair but as this event is a special one I wanted to go all out. I'm dressing as Yuna from FFX (excited dance) and I bought a wig off ebay which has turned out just awful (complaint on the way to seller). So this time I want to be a little more careful with my choice. I have natural mid brown curly hair with natural auburn highlights in it. I am considering the possibility of hennaing my hair red which I wanted to do before the trip which includes the FF concert (nightmare!). Also my hair has a tendancy to go wavy only a short while after straightening so i'm not sure if cutting it to suit would be my best option as I couldn't henna if I did and there is a big chance it could go curly on me mid event. Was thinking of getting another wig but do you guys know a good place to get one? (prefferably UK but not essential). I have seen this one but i'm not sure if it's quite right. http://www.cosplayfu.co.uk/product/Yuna+Cosplay+Wig+from+Final+Fantasy/ Is it too short? What d'you guys reckon? Any advice would be a life saver at the mo :/ Thanks xx

24 Sep 2012 - 20:2291540
I'd suggest using Coscraft as the stuff arrives alot faster and the wigs are rather snazzy! I think either of these would be fine to use as they're both heat resistant so you should be able to style them with heat as long as it's not overly hot!

Wiggy 1

Wiggy 2

Hope that helps a bit

25 Sep 2012 - 22:2091619
Hey there, I'm also cosplaying as Yuna soon to distant worlds. I havent yet bought a wig, but I was wondering if you remember the seller username so that I can avoid the same difficulty as you. I'm a stickler for wig accuracy and have yet to find one which ticks all of the boxes!

29 Sep 2012 - 13:0391848
Hi sarah

Thanks for the advice lovely. It does help a bit but isn't quite the colour I was going for. Thanks anway hun, was really sweet of you to post that
Hi angel tear. Her name is top-cradle. Avoid her, the wig in the picture is nothing like the one you get and definately nothing like yunas. Has made me a bit sceptical about ones I look at now and i'm still waiting on a refund!
Still haven't sourced one and I need to find one soon. Is a bit a a nightmare really but sure i'll source something although I do think I may have to go stateside to get it (which will cost in shipping and customs but atleast it will look right!). Mind you, if I think I have troubles, my lil sis is going as vanille and you should see the amount of beads she's using!! I keep telling her she'll look fabulous so it'll be worth it in the end
Hope you manage to get something too!! Have fun!

Sally x

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