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20 Sep 2012 - 17:4291331
OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS- weaponary, replicas, steampunk
A lot of folks have been asking where my movie accurate sceptre and muzzle for my Loki cosplay came from, and the answer is Herr Doktor. He is well known the steampunk world for making HIGH quality replicas and fictional weaponary and inventions, but is now open for any commissions. He is the most talented person I know, and can make just about anything you can imagine! I cannot recommend him enough, and his prices are very reaosnable.

He is availble for the next four weeks,so any commissions will be ready in time for MCM Expo, he made my sceptre and muzzle over the weekend!

His blog is here: http://herrdoktors.blogspot.com/
with examples of what he makes

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