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25 Jul 2011 - 13:1464229
For me it would be Da Ji off Warriors Orochi It's so skimpy and revealing I will need confidence in a can to do it, Maybe if I become thin enough to pull it off

25 Jul 2011 - 13:2364233
Quote L4dyPaiNe_X:
Quote kawaii_princess:
I want to cosplay Princess Euphemia from Code Geass and Golden Witch Beatrice from Umineko, however big ballgown-style dresses are beyond my skills. I would be afraid to attempt them due to the sheer difficulty I would have in knowing where to start and throughout the whole making process XD

Maybe one day when my skills have improved significantly I will be able to cosplay them ^^

I think you would look amazing as Euphemia I'm sure you can buy her costume, not sure on prices though

Thankyou very much ^^ I did look at buying her costume but there were only a couple and they didn't look very good quality, plus the fact that the prices were so high, theres a lot of dress to try and post there I guess XD Such a shame One day though!

25 Jul 2011 - 14:1364241
Slightly off-topic i guess but as it seems to be a common theme in this thread, if anyone does want to slim down or bulk up for a cosplay then I don't mind giving some advice, tips or even small routines to help.

I've been going to a gym regularly for a few years and researching exercises routines, diets and everything else is a bit of a hobby. In fact, i'm hitting the gym hard at the moment myself getting ready for Aya!

So yeah, just send me a message or something and i'll see what i can come up with

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