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17 Sep 2012 - 21:5491107
[HELP] Should i start to open for commissions..? (Details/previews inside)
Not sure if i wanted to pot it here/ But my friends keep bugging me to 'try' and advertise what i do.. I'm not good at it, nor do i like it. As i don't like bothering people and making silly threads on forums.

i've been pestered and kicked to do it. so here i am.
Oh my work? I'm still new at doing them. But if i don't like the way it turns out i will start again, and won't give up until i know it works and that it seems just perfect.

I can say that the props i have made have made it into conventions and don't break the rules. If not swung, they are fine. I will now list what i have made previously. I can make these again and again with no trouble. But as for keyblades, i cannot due to know have any tools as i used my neighbours shed. But he sadly moved away. I am now saving for my own!

I will now post some images and tell the details and how they were made.

Higurashi: Rena's Cleaver.

This was all made by cardboard and tape. Yes that's pretty much it. Only took about 30 mins (extra hour for glue and paint to dry). However, i have 3 of them so i can sell them. I do have a tutorial for this as i thought it was too easy and silly to do a commission for anyone who wanted one (dont you agree)?

KH: Sora's Keyblade

This was made from PVC pipping/pipe connecters and Wood. I had to use an electric saw to cut out the wood. I first drew a template(the handle) on how i think it would look like, i then cut the template in half and used that to transfer onto the wood. How did i fit it together, easy slit and slide it in. Oh and the keyblade might look bent in the photo, that's because it got bent at a photoshoot when i tried to jump with it. NEVER AGAIN. XD
Here is a picture of it before i painted it

Soul Eater: Crona's Weapon (ragnarok)

This is purely made from wood and bolster wood. Base was made by wood (not thick wood but average) and to make it stand out i used bolster wood. For the handle i used foam so it's comfy and easy to hold. It is convention safe as long as it is not swung around.

Jing: King Of Bandits: Kir Royale
Can be seen following this link
This is a hand puppet, comes in 3 parts. I've never made anything like it before. But i was proud of how it turned out. The mouth moves as well as the head. This was a rushed project even though it took my 3 months to make. I was intentionally going to add a green light inside the mouth for it to glow, just like in the anime. But i had no time in the end. It was all made from foam and wire(for the wings).

I have made may's anchor from guilty gear. However i was not proud of it as it fell apart after i went to a convention due to dragging it around and it was a rushed project. (it really didnt get finished) D:

Right now i'm making props that can be packed away if going on a long journey to a convention or photoshoot. Right now i'm in progress of making Lavi's Hammer (black and red) from D.Gray man with a de-tachable staff. So it'll come apart and can be put back together.

I am now trying to work with clay/modelling clay ..well the clay you can stick your hands in and model! This is for better detail and i am practicing that as we speak!

With all that said. I really need some advice, well mainly so feedback on my work? my friends have said so much thats why i am because of them. They give me motivation. I've had compliments at conventions about my props. I always get asked did you buy it? My answer is "No i make all my props" And they are stunned.

So i'm asking for some feedback, and would you commission me if you could?

Thanks for your time!

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17 Sep 2012 - 22:4991113
I think you should open for commissions but when a customer asks for a commission check the difficulty of the item if you feel its a little too advanced kindly let the person down but from your work I can see you are very good hah

Love With Your Heart And Soul

17 Sep 2012 - 23:2891119
Quote Ros3ify:
I think you should open for commissions but when a customer asks for a commission check the difficulty of the item if you feel its a little too advanced kindly let the person down but from your work I can see you are very good hah

Aye, that's what i'm afraid of. I don't like saying no to people, even though i cannot do such things. But i am practicing every day. But thank you for the feedback!

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18 Sep 2012 - 02:4091123
Speaking from experience I've done a couple of commissions but when you have no love for the item your making it does make it a lot harder to do and you will be more likely to get distracted. Your props are really good quality so that won't hold you back it's just whether your head is in the game or not.

I think personally a better option is to sell the props you know you can make on sites like craftsy or etsy until your feeling more confident. So maybe offer custom versions of keyblades to gain skills. You know you can make a awesome keyblade so the base will be good but you can learn new techniques from whatever the custom aspect is.

And never feel guilty for saying no. It's much better to say no early and let the client find another person to do the commission then rush it and the client be dissapointed.

Good luck

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