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17 Sep 2012 - 16:2891082
Phoenix Wright wig!
Hello everyone!

I have an awesome Phoenix Wright costume that I wore at MCM this May, but I lacked a wig and I epically failed at styling my own hair like his haha, so I was wondering if anyone here could help me out?

I'm in the UK so if that's a problem for a lot of you I completely understand!

I can reply to PMs here of course but if anybody wants to contact me on email for whatever reason my email is !

I'd also love for it to arrive in time for the MCM expo this October (26th)!

Thank you!!

EDIT: Also I know I have signed up just to use this part of the forum and I'm really sorry D: I only just got into cosplaying really and haven't really explored the various forums and stuff >_< I'll try and contribute to discussion!!

EDIT: SORTED! Thanks people!

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