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16 Sep 2012 - 20:1891010
Looking For
Just a list of a few things I'm looking to buy, I have no real budget in mind so am happy to discuss reasonable prices for what I want, postage would be to the UK. I'm open to trading

Looking for a Short blond wig, similar length to the one below but if longer I can always cut it. I want one thats quite dark,

Also a Brown Wig suitable for this costume,

I'm looking for Descendants Of Darkness Volumes 6 +, also Black Cat volumes 14 + and Fullmetal Alchemist Volumes 13 + also All volumes of Junjo Romantica

Purple Contact Lenses with no prescription , only sealed ones.

Black Trench Coat, male or female doesn't matter

Death Note, looking for L figurines or any other merch with L on

One Piece Zoro and Sanji merchandise, and Art Book 5 if anyone has it.

and last but not least any My Chemical Romance Merch, anything but posters and cds, so mainly clothes and things.

Thanks for taking the time to read ;3

17 Sep 2012 - 07:0191031
I sent you a pm ^^

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